is now running Mastodon v2.8.0rc1 😄

Alrighty all, I made a thing! Try out's new Searx install:

If you want to use it, please report any issues you find 😅 #privacy #selfhosting #searx #opensource

I'm looking for a new search engine, what's the best one out there right now?

"Google today officially launched AMP for Email, its effort to turn emails from static documents into dynamic, web page-like experiences. AMP for Email is coming to Gmail, but other major email providers like Yahoo Mail (which shares its parent company with TechCrunch), Outlook and will also support AMP emails."

im sorry what the fuck

@BurungHantu I cant reply to posts at the moment on my mobile client... but re: your relay question, there’s also which I think is the largest public one.

@JPEG sometimes when composing Toots in Mast the Search button doesn’t go away so I can’t actually post. It especially happens when replying to toots or DMs :/

Your DNS queries should not be for sale. It's shameful that Mozilla is doing this while pretending it's in the public's interest. Cloudflare already has a huge control on the authoritative DNS space, they don't need control of the rest.

I always thought it would be the US that passed something like the #CopyrightDirective to kill the internet as we know it.

@hack13 when I say I just set it up I mean it's literally been up for like 15 minutes. I'm working on it 😄

(I'm also going to install PixelFed and Plume, and maybe PeerTube, so I'll add other servers eventually)

I just setup an for new , , and other fediverse servers. Feel free to connect your instance! 😀

In a surprise to probably nobody at this point, has made another terrible decision with regard to the Internet.

The internet has become too controlled by a single entity (ICANN), threatening our ability to truly control our content online.

OpenNIC wants to make user-controlled Top-Level Domains, and a more democratic DNS system overall. Learn more about our project at 😁

Looking to build an website? I just launched a service that allows anyone to create a WordPress blog instantly on the network. Check it out! http://blog.o/

You'll need to be on the @opennic network to access, read more at 😄

I need to stop staying up so late 😩 😴

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